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BSA The Winchesters - Audiobook CD

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BSA The Winchesters - Audiobook CD Review

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BSA The Winchesters - Audiobook CD Description

Fourteen-year-old Chris Winchester is torn between two worlds. By birth hes part of the indomitable Winchester clan owners of the enormous electronics factory that employs nearly everyone in town. Yet Chris father gave up his stake in the business to work for the Peace Corp. When he died Chris his mother and his twin sisters moved into a tiny gatehouse on the Winchester estatepoor relations living on family goodwill. While his cousin Ernest is groomed to take over the family fortune Chris attends public school and makes friends with the kids in town. He cant understand why a crisis at his uncles factory makes people suddenly hate him but a wage cut and a threatened strike have everyones nerves on edge. In the eyes of the townspeople Chris is guilty by association for he bears the Winchester name. When things turn ugly Chris discovers that his family can get very tough. Power is like a muscle his uncle explains and it must be flexed to keep it strong. Chris senses that power can be used to destroy as well. In spite of himself Chris is drawn into the inner circle of the Winchester clan. Suddenly he realizes that part of the Winchester wealth might be his one day. Being rich sounds exciting but his uncles protection is not without its price and Chris conscience is uneasy.FeaturesAge Range - 10 and up.Grade Level - 4 and up.Audio CD - 1 pages.Publisher - AudioGO; Unabridged edition (March 12 2013) .Language - English.About the AuthorJames Lincoln Collier has written many books for children including Give Dad My Best and Planet Out of the Past. Mr. Collier has also contributed more than five hundred articles to the New York Times Magazine Reader's Digest and Boy's Life.