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BSA The Incredible Shrinking Man - Audiobook CD

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BSA The Incredible Shrinking Man - Audiobook CD Review

I've only had this BSA The Incredible Shrinking Man - Audiobook CD for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a books

BSA The Incredible Shrinking Man - Audiobook CD Description

Inch by inch day by day Scott Carey is getting smaller. Once an unremarkable husband and father Scott finds himself shrinking with no end in sight. His wife and family turn into unreachable giants the family cat becomes a predatory menace and Scott must struggle to survive in a world that seems to be growing ever larger and more perilous until he faces the ultimate limits of fear and existence. This is the terrifying novel that inspired the classic Hugo Award-winning motion picture also written by Richard Matheson.Features:.Audio CD.Publisher - Blackstone Audio Inc. ; Unabridged edition (April 1 2008) .Language - English.From Publishers.Starred Review. Matheson's legendary 1956 sci-fi tale of Scott Carey a family man who is slowly shrinking into obscurity and a terrifying new world inside his own house is beautifully realized by Yuri Rasovsky's memorable reading. Enthusiastic and compelling Rasovsky seems predisposed to the suspense master's style of writing. Capturing the brilliant mix of everyday life and extraordinary horrors that Matheson is so revered for creating Rasovsky reads with a dry cool wit that breathes new life into this classic tale. He knows exactly how to relay the tension and anxiety to his audience and never ceases to raise the stakes and bring the audience to their knees in sheer terror. This is a thrilling and unforgettable experience.RICHARD MATHESON legendary writer of the science-fiction fantasy horror genres has contributed classics in many media including novels (The Incredible Shrinking Man) television (The Twilight Zone) and film (Somewhere in Time) . He has won many prestigious awards over his long career and has been called "one of the most important writers of the twentieth century" by Ray Bradbury.