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Beauty Elixir

Credits to Yves Rocher

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Beauty Elixir Review

This is my first Yves Rocher product and I'm really satisfied with it. I cant find better for the price of 47.00.

Beauty Elixir Description

When the skin is lacking essential nutrients, it dries out, loses its luster and wrinkles settle. It's time to strengthen its anti-aging nutrition.The concentrated anti-aging brilliance stimulator.An unprecedented combination of 30 Precious Botanical Oils were selected for their excellence in providing skin with the ultimate nutrition, replenishment, and anti-wrinkle care. Can be combined with your daily skin care program or used alone as a periodic beauty ritual for an instant smoothing, radiant effect.The Plus : Used as a massage oil, it relaxes and softens the skin in a few drops without feeling greasy.0.34 fl.oz bottle.